Student Organizations

There are almost fifty active clubs and student groups at Pitzer College. Recognized and funded by the Pitzer College Student Senate, our student organizations encompass a wide range of interests and welcome your participation. If you do not see an organization that you find interesting, you can always propose a new one.

All student organizations are overseen and supported by the Secretary of Student Senate. For more information about proposing a new student organization, finding a meeting space, or anything else, please feel free to contact the Secretary of Student Organizations at

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For more information about running a student organization at Pitzer, see the Student Organizations Guide.


Student Organizations at Pitzer College

  • A Cleaner Tomorrow (ACT)

    An environmental education club that works with elementary school students in Claremont and Ontario to encourage environmental preservation, promote healthy ecological practices, and engage youth to take action.

    President: Samuel Martin ‘19

  • Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault

    Pitzer Advocates is a group of individuals seeking to support and foster community and allyship for survivors of sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence, hate crimes, or related experiences. Advocates are a support system and someone to talk to, and they can help find the right resources for each individual and aid in the reporting process. Their primary goal is to support survivors, but they also strive to create a campus climate that combats rape culture in a variety of contexts, including, but not limited to, classrooms, campus nightlife, extra-curricular communities, institutionally, and within interpersonal relationships.

    Co-presidents: Shivani Kavuluru ’19, Julia Cohen ’20, Shaun Whitaker ’20

  • Art Collective (ArtCo)

    ArtCo is a student organization which works to foster art on campus, both by providing funding to student art projects and by hosting workshops and other programs that nurture artistic education.

  • Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC)

    The Asian Pacific American Coalition aims to create and maintain a community, which integrates and celebrates A/AAPI (Asian/Asian American Pacific Islander) cultures at Pitzer College.

    President: Bisma Farzansyed ’21, Rose Kim ’21


  • Black Student Union (BSU)

    国产偷拍视频The Pitzer Black Student Union is an organization that is committed to creating, promoting, and maintaining both an educational as well as a comfortable environment at Pitzer. Moreover, it is the organization’s objective to ensure that this environment is conducive to the retention and emotional well-being of all students of Black and African American descent.

    President: Xandrine Griffin ’19

    Vice President: Nimiye Ogoun ’19

  • Boxcar Club
    The mission of Boxcar Club is to aid students in experiencing live music while at Pitzer College. The club funds portions of students’ concert tickets as well as bring local and live music to campus.

    国产偷拍视频President: Claire Wengrod, Hannah Chiu

  • Chess Club

    国产偷拍视频Pitzer College Chess Club connects a community of chess players from across Pitzer and provides a regular space for chess players to compete. All experience levels are welcome.

    President: Parker Beak ’19

  • Danza Azteca Circulo

    The purpose of the Danza Azteca Circulo is to provide a space for the conscious and careful practice of the ancient cultural and ceremonial dance of the indigenous Mesoamerican people known as the Aztecas. The organization will provide the space for students of indigenous American heritage to culturally immerse themselves in a physical demonstration of decolonization by rightfully taking up space to show survivance and resilience through cultural emancipation. The organization will also provide the inclusionary space for the entire Pitzer College community, and the rest of the Claremont Colleges, to gain a deeper understanding of indigenous cultural practices through direct participation in dance practice, ceremony, and cultural workshops made not for students to go out in to the community and ‘teach’ indigenous culture, but to have a deeper individualistic perspective of indigenous cultural values and cultural protocol that may be of use during future interactions in and around indigenous culture and/or individuals/communities.

    President: Brandon Drea ’20


  • EcoCenter

    国产偷拍视频EcoCenter works to increase awareness and engagement on campus around environmental issues and sustainable initiatives through speakers, workshops, film screenings, and other events.

    国产偷拍视频President: Griffin Cloud Levine

  • EMT Certification Club

    The Pitzer EMT Certification Club assists students in completing their EMT and BLS CPR certification programs. A secondary objective for this club is to create programs for certified EMT to be first responders on campus.

    国产偷拍视频Presidents: Ryan Ferdowsian 20′, Chloe Ortiz 21′


  • Encuentros

    Encuentros are weekly events in partnership with the Pomona Economic Opportunity Center (PEOC) in which day laborers from the PEOC and the Rancho Day Laborer Center come to Pitzer’s campus during lunch. Each week the club discuss a new topic relevant to social responsibility and/or the day laborer community, followed by a roundtable discussion on the topic at hand.

    President: Kevin Kandamby ’19, Stephanie Camey ‘21

  • Environmentalist of Color, Organize (ECO)

    国产偷拍视频Environmentalists of Color, Organize (ECO) will serve as Pitzer’s environmental club for any students that have been historically underrepresented in the environmental movement. The club hopes to create a safe space for any POC that are interested in environmental issues. We will be creating an alumni network, internship database, volunteer opportunities, and many other events revolving around the needs of our members.

    President: Cheri Tse ’19

  • Filmnatics

    Pitzer College Filmnatics evaluate a canon of highly regarded films from across the globe. The club watches the films as a community and asses the value that these narratives bring to our culture and society and also contemplate why filmmakers might opt to make films outside of the Hollywood industry.

    President: Imdad Haque

  • First-Gen Club
    The First-Gen Club works to create an open, inclusive, and safe space on Pitzer’s campus for students who identify as the first in their family to attend college in the United States. The club works to create a stronger network of diversity as well as be in extension of the first-gen mentorship program.

    国产偷拍视频President: Marya Ornelas, Paolina Cuevas

  • Garden Club

    国产偷拍视频Garden Club maintains Pitzer’s student-run garden and cares for our campus chickens. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or you’re just starting out, everyone is welcome to come learn with us in the garden!

    国产偷拍视频President: Eve Preucil

  • Green Bike Program (GBP)

    国产偷拍视频The Green Bike Program is a student-run organization created to promote cycling, bike safety and sustainability at The Claremont Colleges and the surrounding community. This is done through the reuse of old bikes and parts along with the organization of cycling events. The Green Bike Program gives community members free access to bicycles, tools, repair lessons.

    国产偷拍视频President: Serena Hertel ’19, Griffin Cloud Levine


  • Grove House Committee

    The Grove House Committee provides structure and support to strengthen and care for the many facets of Pitzer College’s iconic Grove House. They work toward making the House ever-more inclusive and attuned the needs to of a dynamic community, and to provide programming and events.

    Caretaker: Saleck Tikande ’19

  • Kohoutek Music and Arts Festival

    国产偷拍视频Kohoutek Music & Arts Festival is a Pitzer institution that has brought together students, community members, and musicians for over 40 years. The planning committee creates space for its committee members to experience & work in all aspects of event planning, including but not limited to booking performing artists, managing vendors, interfacing with the Pitzer administration & various law enforcement agencies, distributing promotional material, making art, and general planning.

    President: Cam Cocking ’21, Kaylyn Wright ‘21

  • KUYA Movement

    国产偷拍视频This organization is affiliated with non-profit organization Pusong Pinoy, an international non-profit organization that contributes to the eradication of poverty and corruption by increasing education in the Philippines; they hold book drives, school supplies drives, and collect monetary donations to help improve the education system in the rural and poor areas in the Philippines.

    President: Chris Cabunag ’19

  • Latinx Student Union (LSU)
    The purpose of Pitzer College LSU is to provide a forum of current political, cultural, and social awareness, as well as involvement and support in the Latina/o community and the surrounding Claremont College community.

    President: Alec Crosswell


  • Live Your Best Life Records (LYBL)

    国产偷拍视频Live Your Best Life Records is dedicated to creating and sharing content that inspires individuals to be their true self. We aim to foster artists’ growth and express how we live our best life through our music. With a positive message to spread, the talented artist on campus, and the resources we have available here at the 5Cs we aim to form a collective of creative minds.

    President: Kaylyn Wright 21′, Ralph Zamora 21′, Cam Cocking 21′

  • Middle Eastern Student Association (MESA)

    The purpose of this student organization is to provide a gathering place for students of Middle Eastern origin or descent to come together for the purposes of organizing, learning, sharing, and healing together as a community. MESA is a safe space that aims to be inclusive and welcoming to all students, especially those who self-identify with Arab, Persian, Kurdish, Turkish, Egyptian, and other middle-eastern ethnicities. Although is is a secular non-affiliated organization, it also aims to also provide a community safe space for Muslim students on campus.

    国产偷拍视频President: Kamyab Mashian ’19

  • Mixed Identity Exchange (MIX)
    The purpose of MIX is to create an inclusive community for people who identify as mixed race, bi/tri/multi racial, and/or multicultural. The organization provides a space for students on campus with similar identities and backgrounds as well as visibility for a marginalized, and often invisible, group of students. MIX will allow for a more diverse perspective to be heard and engaged with both within and outside of the group.

    国产偷拍视频Presidents: Jorj Majid

  • Mock Trial Team

    国产偷拍视频The Pitzer Mock Trial Team is an organization that prepares for several mock court competitions throughout the years in the hope to promote public speaking and an introduction of the constitutional law.

    Presidents: Tiffany Charvet

  • Music Coalition

    The Pitzer College Music Coalition provides a framework for the spread of musical culture across Pitzer’s campus. Organization meetings are designed to introduce student-musicians or students interested in music to their peers and to maintain the wellbeing of the Music Coalition studio in the basement of McConnell.

    国产偷拍视频President: Graham Brady ’21

  • Pangea Dance Company

    The purpose of Pangea Dance Company is to provide the Pitzer community with an active dance crew and to act as an outlet for creative expression through dance. This is a club for dedicated, talented dancers with a passion for hip-hop.

    President: Mikale Bankhead ’19

    Lead Dance Coordinator: Eemon Tizpa

  • Pitzer Activities Committee (PAct)
    PAct is a student-run programming board at Pitzer College that organizes a variety of on-campus events and off-campus adventures, including our weekly late night snack event.. The organization plans and funds events, both on and off campus, and creates alternative programming that offers “substance free” options for students who wish to be involved in a vibrant student culture.

    Presidents: Krystle Yu ’19, Jan Bragado


  • Pitzer Climbing Club (PCC)

    Pitzer Climbing Club is an interdisciplinary club that promotes the values of student engagement and environmental sustainability through the teaching of climbing and the building of its community. PCC makes climbing a more accessible sport by reimbursing part or all, depending on need, of the money required to join Hanger 18, a climbing gym in Upland.

    President: Zach Weiss

  • Pitzer Faith Community

    The Pitzer Faith Community exists to provide a safe environment for any student or faculty to investigate faith, build community and serve their community. The organization strives to inspire personal and communal growth in love for people and God through service projects, random acts of kindness as well as increasing the diversity of the campus. The Pitzer Faith Community is part of the Claremont Christian Fellowship.

    President: Raoul Sojwal ’21

  • Pitzer International Student Association (PISA)

    国产偷拍视频The Pitzer International Student Association supports international students in finding a community among people who come from different places around the world but are united by being in an unfamiliar environment and culture. This organization provides a space for students to explore their international identity and how it intersects with identities in the United States.

    国产偷拍视频President: Iris Shi 21′

  • Pitzer Investment Society

    国产偷拍视频Pitzer Investment Society is a student-run hedge fund located at Pitzer College. We aim to offer a platform for current Pitzer students to gain hands-on experience in the financial market. We want to empower the Pitzer students who are interested in investments, an underrepresented group, and equip them with the fundamental knowledge prior to making investments.

    国产偷拍视频President: Peter (Xiao) Yan ’21

  • Pitzer Outdoor Activities (POA)

    POA is a forum to discuss, plan, and facilitate activities relating to the outdoors and outdoor activities. The organization’s mission is to foster respect and understanding for nature and our relationship with nature, to help Pitzer students meet and make friendships with other students, faculty, and alumni interested in outdoor activities, and push limits with the utmost safety for those involved. POA activities include, but are not limited to hiking, rock climbing, backpacking, surfing, canoeing, skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, and all other activities that create a strong link with people and the outdoors.

    President: Emma Saso ’19. Natalie Mark


  • Pitzer Peer Health Educators (PHE)

    国产偷拍视频PHE works to foster an inclusive and educational environment for students from all backgrounds to engage in practicing and maintaining holistic wellness and healthy balance lifestyle. The organization educates and engages the student body through events, movie screenings, speakers, and retreats.

    President: Nikki Bansal ’19


  • Pitzer Psychological Student Association (PPSA)

    国产偷拍视频PPSA is a club for Psychology majors or those interested in Psychology. It plans events open to all students that include speakers, movie nights, dinner with Psychology faculty, career field trips, and it publishes student writing in the encephalon. It is also available to help students in a Psychology class or answer questions about classes.

    President: Maddie Bennet

  • Pitzer Tabletop Roleplaying Games Club (PZTRPG)

    PZTRPG is a student organization which attempts to give resources to those wishing to play tabletop roleplaying games. The club primarily focuses on the roleplaying game “Dungeons and Dragons” but other Tabletop Role Playing games are available.

    President: Taren Bouwman


  • Pre-Law Club (PLC)

    The purpose of the Pre-Law Club is to bring students together who are interested in pursuing careers as attorneys in the future. Together, we will learn more about applying to law school and being involved in the legal industry.

    国产偷拍视频President: Nicole Selassie ’20


  • Rainbow People Collaborative

    国产偷拍视频Rainbow People is Pitzer’s LGBTQQIAAP and everything in between and beyond identity group. It is a community-forming group that seeks to create an open and inclusive space for students who want to discuss sexual identity, gender, and other forms of queer identity and culture and provide interpersonal and communal support for queer students. Meetings rotate between facilitated discussions and club bonding activities.

    Co-presidents: Miranda Klinck


  • Shakedown Café

    The Shakedown Café is a student founded and managed restaurant and community space serving delicious, locally sourced meals that are both environmentally and socially sustainable in a venue of art, music and creative energy.

    President: Hannah Zuckerberg ’20


  • Spoonie Alliance

    Spoonie Alliance is a social group for students who identify as having a chronic illness, or otherwise as “spoonies,” and their allies to meet in the early evenings to provide a safe, fun environment that is highly accessible. The group’s mission is to bring together college students who identify as spoonies and/or as chronically ill, and to provide a space, community and a form of mentorship throughout the college experience.

    国产偷拍视频President: Donnie Denome ’20


  • Stitch and Bitch
    Stitch and Bitch is a place for beginner knitters to learn a new skill or experienced knitters to further develop their talent.

    President: Miranda Smith, Ingrid Topp-Johnson ’20



    国产偷拍视频A collective for skaters or students who want to learn how to skate to come together and share knowledge, resources and a good time.

    President: Avery Cohen ’19

  • Students in Business

    国产偷拍视频Students in Business strives to promote career activities, provide opportunities, and create interest for finance and accounting, while also promoting the importance for basic knowledge in these fields.

    President: Jacob Schoenherr, Laura Nicklas’19

  • Tea Club

    Learn about a new tea each week with Tea Club. From harvesting the leaves to the correct serving
    techniques. Tea provided.

    President: Arthur Meadowcroft ’20

  • The Otherside

    国产偷拍视频The Otherside Literary and Art journal is a publication founded by Pitzer students in 1979, and refounded in 2017. It publishes student art and writing, including photography, drawing, opinion pieces, fiction, etc…

    国产偷拍视频Presidents: Sean Clark ’20

  • Tutors for a Cause

    Members of Tutors for a Cause tutor and mentor the children and grandchildren of the Dining Hall, Facilities and Maintenance staff of Pitzer College, giving them the opportunity to become accustomed to higher education and its accessibility.

    President: Mariah Jenkins ’20


  • Women's Brewing Club

    国产偷拍视频The Women’s Brewing Club is a group on campus where female identifying and non-binary persons can come and learn how to brew beer and other fermented beverages.

    President: Leila Barthelot

  • Women In Technology (WIT)

    Women In Technology works to encourage the engagement on campus around tech-related topics. Workshops, forums, etc. are offered to students who have interest in tech-related industry. All Pitzer students are welcome to join. students who identify as female are highly preferable but WIT does not exclude other genders.

    President: Hongfei Chen ’21

  • 5x5 Productions

    国产偷拍视频5 x 5 Productions is an organization that allows student filmmakers to come together with screenwriters, actors, and artists and make original content for Youtube and Film Festivals.

    国产偷拍视频President: Ryan Fann ’22

Student Councils

  • Class Councils

    Class councils work to organize events and activities for their class year, and to assist the class representative for their year. Each year has a class council, and it meets as directed by the class representative. For more information about your class council, please contact your class rep.

    First Year Class Council

    First-Year Representative: Justin Sleppy

    Sophomore Class Council

    国产偷拍视频Sophomore Representative: Caroline Joseph

    Junior Class Council

    国产偷拍视频Junior Representative: Shivani Kavuluru

    Senior Class Council

    Senior Representative: Melissa Banales

  • Hall Councils

    Hall councils represent their residence halls, plan events for their residents, and help maintain and improve living spaces on campus. Hall Councils typically elect officers near the beginning of the academic year, and are advised by a residence director. Visit each hall council’s Facebook page to stay up to date on what’s happening in your residence hall.

    Pitzer, Atherton, and Sanborn (PAS) Hall Council

    West, East, and Skandera (WES) Hall Council

    Mead Hall Council

  • New Resources Student (NRS) Council

    The New Resources Student Council represents the New Resources Students (NRS) of Pitzer College. The council works to ensure that the NRS voice is heard at Pitzer College and Student Senate and to create a sense of community.

To learn more about other student clubs and organizations at the Claremont Colleges, visit these web pages for additional information: