Pitzer College Posting Policy

The following information pertains to the posting of flyers, posters, banners, artwork, class projects etc. on the Pitzer College campus (excluding inside Residence Halls & Offices). Outdoor art, art benches and mural work proposals go through the Campus Aesthetics Committee, they can be contacted at aesthetics@ruthtattooideas.com.

Any violation of these policies and procedures may result in the removal of your posting/artwork/display. Please direct any questions or concerns to the Office of Student Affairs, 909-621-8241. The posting policy can be found in the Pitzer Student Handbook.


Stamps from other Claremont Colleges are not valid. Please contact the Office of Student Affairs with a copy of the posting to be approved/stamped. Please see information in regards to different types of posting/artwork below.
ALL Postings must include:

Date, Time & Location If the posting has no specific date/time (i.e. artwork, reoccurring club/org meetings) please include Fall/Spring semester (i.e. SP19, Spring 2019) or entire year (i.e. FY18-19). There is no location requirement for non-events.
Contact Information A telephone number or email is recommended, but social media outlets (i.e. Facebook, Instagram) are also acceptable as long as they have a contact feature.
Name of Sponsori.e. Organization, Club, Office, Individual, Course Prefix

Posting on Campus

 **You must use blue painter’s tape – available for free check-out in the Office of Student Affairs (Scott Hall 120)**

Glass windows near residence hall entrances (NOT doors)
Kiosk bulletin board in between Sanborn Halls and GSC
Bulletin board in Mead Courtyard
Bulletin board between Fletcher and Avery Halls to left of women’s restroom
Glass windows at the Pit Stop (right of entrance)
Glass windows at entrances of Scott Hall (NOT doors)
Bulletin board near Registrar’s Office (right of entrance)
Bulletin boards in McConnell Lobby near both entrances
Kiosk bulletin board in Scott Courtyard
Bulletin board near Institutional Research Office (Avery) to right of entrance
ANY glass doors (including all residence halls)
Painted doors (excludes residence hall suite/room doors)
ANY painted walls
Over other postings/artwork
Pitzer College signs or emergency exit signs
Door opening devices
Rocks and plant life
Any walkways or floors
Windows of Benson Auditorium