New Resource Applicants

Pitzer offers financial assistance to New Resource students through our need-based programs. Merit-based aid is not available for New Resource students.

Need-Based Aid

国产偷拍视频New Resource Students (NRS) receive scholarship aid to assist with the cost of part-time tuition & fees. Loan assistance is available to cover the cost of other expenses such as room, board, books, travel, etc.

Similar to first-year students, NRS applicants submit the , and tax documents for themselves and their spouse (if applicable). We use the information from those documents to determine a family contribution and review your eligibility for Pitzer scholarship, federal and state grants, and federal loans.

Federal Pell Grant & Direct Loan Eligibility

国产偷拍视频NRS applicants who have previously borrowed or received Federal Pell Grant funds at other intuitions are encouraged to visit the (NSLDS) to review their remaining and eligibility. These funds have maximum lifetime limits that may impact our ability to award additional aid from these programs.

Pro-rated Aid Eligibility

All students admitted into the NRS program receive Pitzer financial assistance for a pro-rated amount of time based on the courses approved for transfer at the time of admission. Pitzer will fund institutional aid for up to 32 courses minus any courses approved for transfer. For example, a student who transfers 8 courses worth of work (equivalent to two full-time semesters), will receive institutional aid for up to 24 courses to complete their Pitzer degree. Visit our Satisfactory Academic Progress国产偷拍视频 policy for complete details.