Alan P. Jones

Professor Emeritus of Psychology/Neuroscience

With Pitzer Since: 1986
Field Group: Psychology/Neuroscience

Educational Background

PhD, University of Massachusetts
MA, Princeton University
国产偷拍视频 BS, University of Massachusetts

Research Interests

Development of control of appetitive behavior; effects of early nutritional and metabolic factors in development; neural and metabolic factors in the ontogeny of obesity.

Recent Courses

国产偷拍视频Environmental Toxicology (FS015)

Selected Publications

“Anti-Anxiety (Anxiolytic) Drugs, “Antidepressants,” “Antipsychotic (Neuroleptic) Drugs,” and “Hallucinogens,” entries in Rudi Volti, ed., Encyclopedia of Science, Technology and Society国产偷拍视频, vol 1. New York: Facts on File, 1999.

“Maternal Insulin Manipulations in Rats Organize Body Weight and Noradrenergic Innervation of the Hypothalamus in Gonadally Intact Male Offspring,” Developmental Brain Research国产偷拍视频, vol.97 (1996). With D. H. Olster and B. States.

“Maternal Hormone Manipulations in Rats Cause Obesity and Increase Medial Hypothalamic Norepinephrine Release in Male Offspring,” Developmental Brain Research, vol.88, no.2 (September 1995). With E.N. Pothos, P. Rada, D.H. Olster, and B.G. Hoebel.

“Maternal Hormone Manipulations and the Development of Obesity in Rats,” Physiology and Behavior, vol.47, no6 (June 1990). With Michelle Dayries.

“Maternal Mediation of the Effects of Malnutrition,” in Edward P. Riley and Charles V. Vorhees, eds., Handbook of Behavioral Teratology. New York: Plenum Press, 1986.

“The Effect of Diet on Food Intake and Adiposity in Rats Made Obese by Gestational Undernutrition,” Physiology and Behavior国产偷拍视频, vol.37, no.3 (1986). With Sue A. Assimon and Mark I. Friedman.

“Prenatal Food Restriction and Subsequent Weight Gain in Male Rats Prenatal Food Restriction and Subsequent Weight Gain in Male Rats.” Science国产偷拍视频 (new series), vol.219, no.4588 (March 1983).

“Obesity and Adipocyte Abnormalities in Offspring of Rats Undernourished during Pregnancy,” Science国产偷拍视频 (new series), vol.215, no.4539 (March 1982). With Mark I. Friedman.

Selected Grants, Awards, and Honors

Principal Investigator, Anonymous Grant to support the Pitzer in Ontario project, 2000

Principal Investigator, National Science Foundation (NSF) equipment grant for Neuroscience Program, 1997

Principal Investigator, National Science Foundation NSF-CCD grant to establish a 6-college Neuroscience Program, 1996

Co-Principal Investigator, Luce Foundation grant to fund a Brain, Mind and Behavior: Cross-Cultural Perspectives professorship,1996

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